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"My hair is like little children because I do not know how to treat." Rika said. This is the most interesting metaphor for me. It is because "treat" have two different meanings. One means how to communicate with little children and another means hair setting that people are annoyed every morning or before parties. In this metaphor, she compared her hair to little children and  explained difficulty of hair setting. When I had short hair, I was always annoyed this problem, so I sympathized strongly with her metaphor. Therefore, I am sure that Rika's metaphor is the most interesting one.


My Life as a Journey

     My journey began on April 14, 1997. At that moment, I became a member of the Kawata Family. After a year since I was born, I started to go to the same nursery school which my sister went to. I met lifelong mates and became friends there like a fellowship. I always made mud balls and played with playground equipment with Ayumi and Sakura. The nursery school was paradise and heaven for me. Unfortunately, Ayumi and I had to separate from Sakura because we lived in different school districts.
 However, my life like paradise continued until elementary school because I enjoyed studying and if it snowed, my class teacher canceled all classes and let us play outside. I really loved my elementary school, friends and teachers. When I went to middle school, enemy appeared and it was like being betrayed by an old friend. It was “studying”. The last boss was science and I kept fighting, but I kept losing. I hated it, so I fled to English because the more I studied it, the more I was get along with it. Hence, I entered the English course in high school for building deep relationships with English. In addition, Ayumi and I met Sakura again there and we had a good time as if we were traveling in the air.
When I was a senior exam student, I had to fight with studying and entrance examination. At the first time, all the university which I approached did not receive, and of course I lost out in science. Therefore, I had to be an entrance exam candidate again. I had kept fighting studying for a year and I was sometimes forced to fight with English. My family and friends helped and supported me. Finally, I could beat the last boss, it means I got a perfect score in science.
Now, I travel on the wonderful journey at Kumamoto. I’m planning to go abroad in the near future. Therefore, I want to get along with English more.


Monkey's Paw

「Monkeys oxford」の画像検索結果'Look at it,' the soldier answered. It's a little paw... a monkey's paw.' (p.6)
One day, Morris visited Mr. and Mrs.White’s house. He had the monkey’s paw which had magical power. And it could fulfill three wishes. So they made three wishes for this monkey’s paw. But because of this, they lost their important things...
I have read again and again. I quite recommend it!!
Jacobs, W. W. The Monkeys Paw. OBS


「Japan oxford」の画像検索結果"You can visit ancient temples and shrines, and buy newest computer games." (p. 1)
 What do you know about Japan? Japan is in East Asia, in the Pacific Ocean. And it is one of the most exciting countries in the world. Japan has some of the biggest cities in the world, and some of the most beautiful countryside. One of the most wonderful things about a visit to Japan is the amazing food. Many Japanese restaurants have just one important kind of food - for example, there are restaurants for templa. In kaiten- zushi shops there is sashimi and sushi on a moving table. When you see something nice, you take it!
I learned how Japan is seen from overseas. I want foreigner to know about Japan!

Bladon, R. Japan.OBS

William and Kate

「william and Kate summary oxford」の画像検索結果"In 180 countries, many millions of people watched the pictures from London." (p. 35)
 William comes from a very important family, and his grandmother is one of the richest and the most famous woman in the world. She is Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of the united Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of fifteen other countries. On the other hand, Kate comes from a very different family. Her parents met when they worked for British Airways. William and Kate met at the University of St Andrews and stared dating. Their wedding ceremony was watched all over the world and people celebrated them.
I longed for the royal family but I learned busyness of royalty from this book.

Lindop, C. William and Kate. OBS


「Pocahontas summary oxford」の画像検索結果"And in Jamestown, perhaps John Smith thought about Pocahontas, too." (p. 23)
 The story of Pocahontas is a true story of a young woman who gave only love to anyone who acrcaba to her, she did not exist more than love for others.
Her father wanted to marry a young warrior but she did not want him to husband. One day she met a man named John who came on a boat from abroad. When he met Pocahontas was amazed with the beauty of the girl. time after the conflict started because men who came with John started a fight with the tribesmen where the girl lived . Time after the prisoner fell and she had to fight to save his love and the tribe.
It is famous for Disney Version. I have watched it but I didn't know after John Smith go back to the UK.

Retold by Tim Vicary. Pocahontas. (1989). OBS

New York

「New York  oxford」の画像検索結果"That's New York. That's the most exciting city in the world."(p. 40)
Do you know the reason why New York is called Big Apple and why many people, big company and delicious foods get together in New York? New York is loved all over the world and this city is entertaining visitors. Travelers enjoy going shopping, eating and watching many kinds of sports matches. New Yorker love parades such as St Patrick's Day Parade and Times Square on New Year's Eve.
I heard New York is terribly chilly in winter, but I would like to participate New Year's Eve at Times Square someday.
Escott, J. New York. OBS

Huckleberry Finn

「huckleberry finn oxford」の画像検索結果"Now, Jim,' I cried, 'you're a free man!" (p.36)
When Huck's father hears that he has come into a large amount of money, he kidnaps him and locks him in an old cabin across the river. To avoid his father’s cruel beatings, Huck elaborately stages his own death and then escapes to Jackson’s Island. He finds Jim who is Miss Watson’s runaway slave on the island, and the two decide to hide out together. To avoid danger of discovery, they decide to float down the river on a raft they had found earlier. 
I like the character of Huck because he struggled whether he let Jim escape or not. And he decides to let him escape regardless of prejudice and major opinion.

Twain, M. Huckleberry Finn. OBS


Romeo and Juliet

「romeo and juliet oxford」の画像検索結果"Juliet- something terrible has happened. Romeo is lying next to you, but he is dead!"(p. 36)
The play begins with a large fight between the Capulets and the Montagues, two prestigious families in Verona, Italy. At the party, Romeo locks eyes with a young woman named Juliet. They instantly fall in love, but they do not realize that their families are mortal enemies. When they realize each other’s identities, they are devastated, but they cannot help the way that they feel. The next day, Romeo and Juliet are married by Friar Lawrence; an event witnessed by Juliet’s Nurse and Romeo’s loyal servant, Balthasar. They plan to meet in Juliet’s chambers that night.
I have read it again and again because love between Romeo and Juliet is drawn beautifully.

Shakespere, W. Romeo and Juliet. OBS

Love or Money?

「love or money oxford」の画像検索結果  Nobody is getting more money from me, not before I die.” (p. 9)
 Molly Clarkson was a very rich woman. All of her family and relatives wanted her money. She didn’t want to give anyone money, because they just loved her money. It was Molly’s fifteenth birthday. She invited her family and relatives to her house. They ate together and talked to the others. For the sake of Molly’s money, they quarreled with the others again. Next morning, Molly’s daughter, Diane, discovered that her mother died on her bed. She drank a cup of milk last night. There were some sleeping tablets in the cup of milk. Someone put them into the cup.
It is easy to read because this is not used difficult words. So, I can understand most story.

Akinyemi, R (1989) Love or Money? New York. OBS


Princess Diana

princess diana penguin readers に対する画像結果Her sons gave her white flowers with a card that just said, 'Mummy'. (p. 36)
This book is written about Diana princes of England. She is loved all over the world even though she died for more than 20 years. On 1 July 1961, a baby girl was born at her family home, in Sandringham, Norfolk. Later, people called Diana 'a fairy-tale princess'. But her story was often a sad one too. She had experienced her parents' divorce, relentless pursuit by the press, isolation from the royal family and divoce with her husband prince Charles. She lived in royal family as a woman and mother having strong intention. I was really impressed with this fact about princess Diana. 

Gilchrist, C. (1998) Princess Diana. London. Penguin Readers

Mowgli's Brother

“Do not forget me!” (p. 72)

ソース画像を表示 One day, Mother and Father Wolf find a baby with no clothes near their home in the jungle. They decide to keep the baby and look after him with their own children, defending him from Shere Khan, the tiger who wants to kill and eat him. Mowgli grows up in the jungle under the protection of Baloo the bear and Bagheera the Panther. Baloo’s role is telling wolf cub (cub is a baby animal) law of the jungle. Bagheera taught Mowgli how to climb. Meanwhile Shere Khan plans to take revenge by convincing the younger wolves to rebel against the leader of the pack Akela and to give him Mowgli. Among wolves, it was said that Mowgli is a man. Mowgli must not be in a group of wolves. There, Mowgli brought red flower, fire. Mowgli exterminated Shere Khan and went down the hillside alone to meet men though he wanted to be in this jungle.
Kipling, R. (2008) Mowgli's Brothers. Helbling Readers

Alice in Wonderland

" Oh, I had such a strange dream," (p. 60)
ソース画像を表示Alice sees the White Rabbit scurry down a rabbit hole and decides to follow him. In Wonderland, she meets an assortment of strange characters, including the Cheshire Cat, who advises her to attend a tea party thrown by the March Hare.When the Queen orders her execution, Alice wakes up at the last minute to realize this was all a dream.

When I read this story, I was pulled into the world. I like strage world so much! You should try it!!

Carroll, L. (2009) Alice in Wonderland. Compass Classic Readers